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Mission Green Earth is being launched at the International Women’s Conference 2020

The International Women’s Conference (IWC) brings together women leaders from various spheres of society such as politics, arts, business, media, and academia to engage in meaningful dialogue and sessions to:
  • Learn from each other’s inspirational life stories.
  • Explore how to amplify the message of peace, empowerment, and service to society.
  • Highlight the many ways in which women contribute to the world.
  • Discover spiritual tools, techniques to increase positivity and well being.

Over 6000 women from 100 nationalities have participated in 15 years 9 conferences

IWC’s unique two-tier model – individual development and collective action – facilitates partnership-building and leadership development among women leaders globally. To achieve its vision, the summit agenda integrates unique leadership development modules based on the principles of personal development programs offered by The Art of Living.