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Mission Green Earth 2020

10 Million Trees in 5 Years

Why Mission Green Earth 2020?

There were once 6 trillion trees on the planet which are now reduced to 3 trillion. We are losing 15 billion trees per year. 86% of wood product carbon is in the atmosphere, accumulated from the past 100 years. Human impact has led to the loss of 40% of the world’s forests. If it continues By 2110 our forests will be

What is different about us?

Maintaining ecosystem integrity: Restoring forests with benefits to water, soils, carbon and   biodiversity.

Enhancing High Conservation Values: 

    • Planting and preserving native species 
    • Plantation at river catchments to reduce runoff and soil erosion 
    • Community engagement to identify sites and resources satisfying the local needs (livelihoods, nutrition, water, etc.) 
    • Ensuring survival through organized and sustainable approaches to plantation and maintenance for 5 years 

Strong volunteer presence at the grassroots through our community mobilization programs.